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Arp Aubert

Surfacing from the depths of Ki’s waters to cheers and happy roars, Arp Aubert bursts forth with a long-awaited new release. From the shop of Mirau operator Stephan Lorenz, “Moshislongo” bears his trademark devotion to exhilarated perfection.

The title track rolls out a hovercraft-like texture, bound for the scenic route amidst a flock of happily fluttering beats of myriad shapes and sizes. A sparkling surge from beneath bounces the lot along in kaleidoscopic unison, birds of a feather after all.

Track B, “Lowport”, wanders through the deep, propelling it’s effervescing mass amidst Pascalian bubbles and the current’s pull, a benevolent Leviathan guiding a favored ship through an unknown sea. The second part of Lowport tacks langorously into friendlier waters. The acid bass bobs like a confident sound mantra through a forest of calimbas and melancholy synthie chords. The weather is looking up. The sun comes out.

Me Succeeds have a graceful take on the title track. The now two-person band of Lorin Strohm and Mona Steinwidder translate the original’s melancholy pulsing moods into a profound sound-tableau. Mona recites a text of her own, circling over dub-character beats and fading chords.

Alexander Polzin’s Moshislongo Remix marches through unmowed fields. Jumbled vocals give rise to the warm chinook of a constant bass. On it blows, reverently, as pearls and bubbles dance into the warm bass from all directions. Contentment throughout, all will be well!

Christian Löffler

Being asked to describe his own music, Christian states that he tries to combine melancholy with euphoria.

„All my music is connected by a gloomy spirit, which is minted by a warm sincerity. I try to merge all kinds of different acoustic colors to obtain this feeling in my music.”

The co-founder of Ki Records started to play music by the age of 14. Living in a secluded region, lacking a musical surrounding, he had to teach himself the essentials of making electronic music. For a long time he developed his own deep and moving sound, colored with a melancholic undertone – music for the soul & for the body. He recalls a variety of music styles he listened to as a child and teenager that were highly influential to his own development as a musician.

Due to the fact that Christian is also working as a visual artist, he’s following the same approach when making music that he’s following when painting or taking photos.

It is more about telling a story than making everything accessible right from the start.

Daisuke Tanabe

Daisuke Tanabe is a producer from Chiba, Japan. The former art student who also lived and worked in London for some years is currently based in Tokyo, where he assembles his exceptional pieces of music. Originally coming from a techno/breakbeat background, Daisuke has developed his own style of production to create a distinctive sound between hiphop, electronica, folk and jazz.
During his time in the UK, he published for Gilles Peterson’s famous Brownswood label and performed together with Zero DB, some of the leading lights in the UK breakbeat scene. On a recent Japan tour with French hiphop instrumentalist ONRA, he once again knew to impress the audience with his unique melange of jazz, electronica and hiphop. When performing live, Daisuke Tanabe succeeds in combining his instrumental tracks with hiphop acappellas and creates an extraordinary atmosphere.

MK Braun

MK Braun is a DJ and occasional producer, co-founder of Ki Records, Promotor and Booker for PollerWiesen, Cologne Sessions and some more irregular partys. Born and raised in Hamburg and Recife (Brazil), he's now based in Cologne. As one of the founding members of Ki, MK Braun is a driving force behind the label. The philosophy of Ki means a lot to him, since his musical taste is just as diverse as the Ki Releases. An enthusiasm for Music in general makes him absorb many influences from the past and today, always searching for new inspiration and a way to express emotions with music. He's a versatile and genre crossing DJ with a great understanding and knowledge on different kinds of music and his Vinyl only set's make people dance at selected clubs and festivals in Germany and abroad.

Marius Sahdeeq

Marius Sahdeeq, ursprünglich aus einer ländlichen Gegend eines deutschen Mittelgebirges, zog es schnell nach Köln, wo er heute heimisch geworden ist. Mittlerweile ist er dort Teil der KI-Labelfamilie und gründete das SPIELRAUM-Kollektiv, das unter dem Motto ‚detroit and deep and danceable’ aktiv ist. Genauso lässt sich auch sein Sound als DJ beschreiben. Ein steter Groove, der durch seine elegante Unaufgeregtheit die Menschen am tanzen hält. Diese Attitüde, die er beim Auflegen vermittelt, hat ihn bisher in die unterschiedlichsten Clubs Deutschlands und anderer europäischer Länder gebracht.

Me Succeeds

Me Succeeds combine everything the idea of youth promises: Euphoria and recklessness, but equally melancholy and the cour-age to doubt.

Sensitive indie pop and dancefloor work together as transparency films making each other visible, but at the same time correcting each other. Borders between musical genres don’t need to be crossed anymore, since they have been eliminated long ago. Back when they first met in the outskirts of Munich in 2002 already, Lorin Strohm and Sebastian Kokus combined guitars and synths, intricate melodies and particulate loops. Shortly afterwards, they were joined by Mona Steinwidder and her crystal clear voice, along with a range of analogue instruments.

Me Succeeds create an atmosphere of discreet sportiness. They play their own game – a game that doesn’t yield to the constraint imposed by categorisation, but merely obeys to the inspiration of its art. They have appropriated pavement’s intelligence, the van pelts’ powerful sprechgesang and Turner’s dancable songwriting.


The occasional fisherman and graduated psychologist Vlad aka Monokle is the newest member of the Ki family.

Monokle, a 26 year old producer from St. Petersburg, Russia has been making music since the mid 00s and has a massive creative output. As he says, he takes his inspiration from silence and Eric Satie is one of his biggest idols. His favorite label is Warp, so it’s no wonder that some of his tracks do have reminiscences with the British label. But instead of quoting the sound of his big idols, he give’s it an individual touch and continues the evolution of that certain kind of sound. His main influences were IDM and Glitch, before he got more in touch with Ambient and Drone. All these different influences can be heard as sound fragments in his tracks. Like in a caleidoskope, these fragments unite, get torn apart and in the end melt together again. Monokle says that “Music with simple rhythms and catchy beats gets me bored pretty quick”. So he got rid of static listening and producing structures, to go his own way when creating music.

Sean Piñeiro

Sean Piñeiro makes sample based music. He’s a constant observer of his environment and finds elements for his production from different sources regardless of their quality or rarity. This can be samples from movies, commercials, youtube videos, cartoons and music far away from the dance floor like Jazz, Folk and Classical. Like in a musical mosaic, he combines these elements to one stringent sound story, filled with anecdotes and short stories that were written between Brooklyn, Barcelona and Berlin. His work is like a musical diary. “It makes me happy that my ableton session is the meeting place of so many different pieces of music and other samples that have seemingly nothing in common” as he says.


Sieren is the maiden name of Matthias’ mother and also his the alias under which he started to release his first free tracks in 2011. Rumour has it that he has a dark secret history of producing experimental techno, albeit his love for UK influenced bass music existed for more than one handful of years. It was not until recently that he began to make the most of his love for field recording and experimental soundscaping and is now throwing his full force into music. 2013 marked the year of his debut-release on Project:Mooncircle and Finest Ego, various collaborations with artists like Robot Koch, a guestmix feature on BBC Radio 1 / 1Xtra and a performance at RBMA Radio. 2014 was marked with releases on Shades Recordings and Ki Records as well as a remix for Hundred Waters on Owsla. Apart from spending most of his time on music, he is currently working on his masters degree in “Audiocommunication & -technology”.

Steffen Kirchhoff

Steffen Kirchhoff is a musician throughout. At an early age he learned to play the guitar and performed in his school band. Later, he came in contact with electronic music, which led to the first steps in producing his own music on the computer and performing short live sets. During his years at university, he became friends with Christian Löffler and started to develop his unique style of deep house music.

For Steffen Kirchhoff it is very important that music, regardless of the genre, transmits a certain kind of atmosphere – let it be uplifting, dark or melancholic. He is also very keen on sound aesthetics and likes to experiment with different chords, layers and melodies while creating his own soulful and harmonic productions. Steffen Kirchhoff’s music is rarely intentional. Usually, he draws his inspiration from trying out new sounds in his home studio. Steffen’s Inside EP is his debut on Ki and was released in mid December 2009.